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All businesses need a ‘spirit of adventure’ to succeed

All businesses need a ‘spirit of adventure’ to succeed

Both the Himalayas and the West Coast of Scotland are perfect environments for coaching senior executives who are looking to take time out, take stock and make sense of where they are within the context of their careers and recharge and rejuvenate their batteries after years of stress.

It’s not easy territory year after year giving oneself to the business or organisation often, at the expense of one’s own health, family and relationship time but all businesses need a ‘spirit of adventure’ to succeed.

Having worked as a CEO for many years I know too well the cost and commitment required to grow and develop an organisation. Driving teams forward, motivating and inspiring them by one’s own personal commitment comes at a cost. Taking time out as a senior executive or senior member of staff is not only crucial to your companies wellbeing, but perhaps more importantly, crucial to your own, your family’s and your relationship with those that matter to you. I believe the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves - this is the relationships that act as the steering wheel for all external relationships. If it’s out of balance then it’s likely our relationships with those around us will also be out of balance. In my experience the closer we can be to nature and wild places the closer we can get to our real selves and to our own nature within.

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