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is a talking
Therapeutic process.

It can be challenging when feeling stuck or in crisis to take the first step and ask for help, but once that step has been taken a journey of personal growth can begin.

Based in Edinburgh but working at an international level I work with clients face to face in Scotland and beyond via zoom online.

Trained as a Person-centred therapist, my approach is humanistic and deals with the ways in which we perceive ourselves consciously, rather than how a therapist interprets our unconscious thoughts or ideas.

I believe each challenging situation or crisis holds the potential to become an opportunity and can lead to a positive, if not exciting, journey of self-understanding and self-discovery. I will work with you to improve the relationship you have with yourself and beyond self and those you have with others close to you, to empower you to lead a more fulfilled and balanced life, with a sense of direction and purpose.

£65.00 to £95.00 per one hour session


I work with

13 to 17

This includes young people who are struggling at school, with friends and relationships or who are experiencing difficulties at home or within the family as well as teenagers who could benefit from support and mentoring.

18 to 25
year olds

Through our exciting Himalayan ‘Rite of Passage’ programme and working with my colleague Andy Ashworth together we take young adults on a Himalayan journey designed to support guide young adults as they transition from their teenage world to adult life.

Adults beyond
the age of 25

I work with adults, facing a challenging period in life, supporting, guiding and counselling them through these difficulties. Complicated relationships, within families, marriages, partnerships or friendships that are effecting how you are feeling and preventing you from moving forward.

My experience tells me that rather than working directly with children and teenagers, under the age of 18, it can sometimes be more productive to work directly with their parents.  In addition to my one-to-one in person or online counselling, I provide specialist Coaching/Supervision for senior managers under stress in the work place.

Please call me to chat about my
services or programmes on

+44 (0)7717741539