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The “Rite of Passage”


Defined as a ritual or experience that marks a major milestone or change in a person’s life, the “rite of passage” is a threshold that one must pass through. The importance of rituals is to recognise and celebrate the crossing of the threshold, and the change in life circumstances or transition that is taking place. The ‘Gap Year’ became the new age ‘rite of passage’.

However, rather than providing a guided experience by mentors or mature members of their community, they became a volunteer adventure, or a sort of extended holiday from responsibility, with some of the important aspects of a ‘rite of passage’ but perhaps missing some fundamental structural elements.


Belgium anthropologist Arnold van Gennep coined the phrase “rite of passage” in the early twentieth century to describe a three-phase pattern (separation, transition, incorporation)



Transition involves an intermediate position, a liminal space, a threshold to be crossed, not wholly one thing or another; a place of uncertainty and discomfort. It is precisely this liminal space where lessons are learned and the seeds for a change are planted in an individual. Learning to become comfortable with change, to cross thresholds readily and confidently, is a critical aspect of development. We believe that with a clear understanding of this transitional phase, we can engage with it in a way that moves us positively from young adult to adulthood, over the threshold from independence to interdependence.

We want our children to be confident with a strong sense of self-worth, to learn to take responsibility and to be able to use learnings from choices that didn’t work well to make better choices in the future. We want them to be empathic and to make choices in society that are not only about serving their own interests, but also recognising opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.

Understanding that a life of meaning and purpose is an essential part of maintaining one’s own balance and wellbeing, helping them to achieve the balance that will support them to thrive.

In modern Western society, peer-led rites of passage for children transitioning to adulthood have been weak, non-existent, or unhealthy. Without a guided process and a defined threshold to cross, young people create their own rites of passage. Organic spontaneous rites of passage include drug and alcohol use, gang membership, hazing, and bullying, and self-deprecation through social media.

Himalayan Rite of Passage Programme

Our Himalayan Rite of Passage programme marks a threshold, and impels a young adult into a new phase of life with an understanding that we are all constantly evolving and that our journey through life requires us to embrace change and to approach it mindfully, with intention, and anticipation of what awaits us in our new phase.

Journeying through a deeply rich and transformative ancient Himalayan and Tibetan culture, where rules and rituals regarding dress, places and time that must be respected, our 3-week guided adventure provides all the necessary elements that foster a sense of connection, taking responsibility, rich cultural experience, personal achievement and decision making in a safe environment.

A central purpose of the rites of passage that mark the transition to adulthood has always been to give a young adult a sense of their place in the world. Moving them from independence to interdependence — from the “Me” to the “We” as they begin to see their role and responsibility as part of the adult world. This premise is a core element of this programme.

"My rite of passage journey to Nepal was not only a life changing experience, but an opportunity to sample every flavour of this incredible country. Greg was there every step of the way, from beginning to end. From assimilating me into the bustling and bright city of Kathmandu, to introducing me to local characters, monasteries and everything the city had to offer, it was more than I could have hoped for. He was there to guide/mentor me through every eye-opening experience that took place, and having met many other travellers in Nepal, I know for certain my authentic adventure would not have been possible without his guidance. While there were certainly moments that felt unique, there was always time throughout the journey to digest and reflect on these moments, and when the time arrived to head home, I found myself wanting to extend my stay for longer. I can say for sure that someday I shall return to Nepal/Kathmandu, and will forevermore cherish the experiences that took place. Thanks Greg."
January 2023
"The positive impact of the rite of passage journey for my son is clear to see. Under Greg’s guidance, the 10 day rites of passage plus Annapurna trek after enabled my son to understand more about himself, about his role in the world and what path he would like to take. And to realise and unlock his own true potential. Greg’s support and understanding during the challenging yet rewarding journey was just right. A combination of insight, rigour, kindness and discipline has led to a much healthier and happier young man on his return and onwards. I highly recommend Greg, Andy and Snowline’s rite of passage programme. Thank you Greg."

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